Big Axe - Hex - Yellow
Big Axe - Hex - Yellow
Big Axe - Hex - Yellow
Big Axe - Hex - Yellow
Big Axe - Hex - Yellow

Big Axe - Hex - Yellow

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I got Lucky and mixed in this free agent axe while working on clients orders. 
Its a new Colouring process that carries well with the new full length laser process. 
The Hex design has been seen around before, but for me, was originally inspired from the first person I saw use it on an axe. That fine woodworker goes by the name of Goose, from 81 Axes. If you havent seen his work before (lets be serious here, if you see my work, you likely have seen his haha) Be sure to find him on instagram!

About this Axe:

25.3/8 inch total Length
2.4 Pound head
Very thin bit measuring 4 1/2 inch length
Floats smoothly

Ill be tossing in a metal wedge after I post this, better to be safe right :)
This handle was octogonal, then all corners rounded off. It is not a super thin handle, so heads up to you magical 1 hand throwers, its total weight is 3.45 pound. I find the curved handles a bit easier to toss 1 handed, but thats just me :)
Center Point balance is approx 1/2 inch down from the collar of the head.